Comment: "Court" everyone, Party or not

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"Court" everyone, Party or not

I'm a registered Green. Yet I spent a year on the Ron Paul campaign.

Simply stop being prejudice about Party, and work on issues and policy. You'll find "allies" everywhere.

In the end we will find a coherent and comprehensive "moderate" (everyone just get along) platform, and Party will be irrelevant.

Look into the concepts of Basic Income and Free Clinics to solve Welfare and Poverty.

Get revenue from Public Banks and taxing drugs and alcohol (while cutting income, sales and property taxes).

Being stumborn about what you think is "the right way" is anti-social, and counter-productive.

If access to health-care and safe/legal abortions, and "family planning" services (and supporting adoptive services, including same-sex couples) actualy reduces abortions, then shouldn't we all get along on that?

Instead people think that we must stick to some ideal, if abortion is wrong it must be illegal, but if that doesn't actually reduce abortions, and causes serious harm to women who find themselves making such a hard decision, that how is it "right"? Especially when the fight causes so much hate (again, while doing nothing to alleviate the "problem").

Listen to what other people are concerned about. Listen to what freedoms they want. If you are thinking you know what is best for other people, then your aren't treating them with the individual respect that "Liberty" requires.

Sure, people don't have the right to the freedom to steal, but find out why they are stealing, and maybe the may just be trying to survive.

Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian...doesn't matter. They are all just people trying to figure out how to take care of their needs.

Think of it this way.

Democrats prioritize taking care of workers and the poor.
Republicans prioritize limiting government regulation and taxes.
Greens prioritize taking care of the environment,
and Libertarians prioritize personal freedom.

None of those things need to conflict with each other.

When we fall into the game of having to demonize each other, we then force onto ourselves these false philosophies:

* (GOP) Welfare actually hurts the Poor (again, look into Basic Income, much better than current system),
* (Dems) Taxes are Good and our Responsibility as Citizens (again, look into Public Banking),
* (Greens) The Rich are Evil!!! (who cares as long as everyone is taken care of and the environment isn't getting destroyed, let the rich kids have their toys)
* (libertarians) Government is Evil!!! (then so must be people...which conflicts with the "individualism" philosophy).

Once we simply value each others' priorities, and start to work together to figure out how to make our society and government function in respect to them all, then we will find the "more perfect union" and a Government that actually represents the people, and not just the 51% in charge at the time.

Jack Wagner