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You're right, that is a

You're right, that is a perfect illustration of your "point." Infact "point of view" might be more apt.

You draw conclusions off of bad/faulty information and end up making incorrect assumptions.

Case in point: I didn't say any of what you just said I did. I said it was an interesting debait worth pondering (for all the reasons I listed, whic are quite true), and then said that I sided on a parents right to teach their child whatever they like, even if I think it is twisted and wrong. Freedom means the right to be stupid, even if its your children who have to suffer your coersive brainwashing and threats of eternal damnation for failing to be indoctrinated into your mystical delusions.

So you just attacked my reason and logic, accused me of philospohical Stalinism all based on the fact that you failed to comprehend what you were reading. I wonder how often this is the case?

I guess coming from a guy who sees the natural world around him, and interprets this to mean there is a cosmic king overwatching everyone from the magical realm of heaven, this isn't suprising. You're very adept at making mistakes by misinterpreting information. The fact that you get upvotes for poor reading skills just shows that that the human race is in deep shit.