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That's nice

I think there was no way in Hell Ron Paul or GJ was going to win. But let's say RP did. I think he would have been sabotaged worse than Clinton is sabotaging Obama. Is Obama the person he campaigned? No. Why? The Democratic Party is with Clinton, not Obama.. they're hanging him and MSM helps. How funny is it to hear Obama say that he has a pen and he'll use it? Can you hear Ron Paul tell America, "I have a pen and I'll use it!"? Ron Paul did say, "I don't want to be your dictator". So what would he do about McCain, Graham.. let's face it.. at least I personally face it,, Ron Paul ate lunch alone for years because the GOP thought he was a loon.

People say they will do all kinds of things, and they don't. I would not be in the GOP if not for Ron Paul. If you think it was easy for me to join the GOP you would be wrong. It was very difficult. It made me sick. But.. I now see what Ron Paul saw,, and for those who have the guts, because it takes guts, it's a damn good fight. It's not about Ron Paul. It's about Restoring the Republic.. constitutional government with a bill of rights that provides the liberty we all want. That's the goal.