Comment: Abortion should be a states rights issue.

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Abortion should be a states rights issue.

Ron Paul may be against abortion but he knows he can't decree it illegal. Libertarians have no problem with it being a states rights issue just like Ron Paul.

Noam Chomsky is not a Libertarian, he's a socialist. You may want to checkout what he said about Libertarians and Ron Paul. It seems you're the one wasting time by speaking about things you know little about.

Libertarians would like anarchist to leave the Libertarian party as much as liberty-minded Republicans would like Neo-Cons to leave the Republican party. We believe in government limited to its constitutional bounds.

To say we want no government is more blabber.

Lastly, Libertarians are very familiar with and have no problem with Congress declaring war....

just like Ron Paul.

So yeah, change the Republican party to the Libertarian philosophy and all is good. Republicans didn't discover liberty in 2008 and 2012, you're just catching-up.