Comment: I listened to the entire interview

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I listened to the entire interview

although I really think of it as chilling with the boys than an interview. I agree with Peter on 90% of issues but environment I cannot get fully to his side.

I'm for shutting down the EPA, but I'm for shutting them down because they aren't doing their job. Many local rivers and lakes are the most polluted they have been in a couple decades. With all of the oils spills, chemical spills, chemicals in drinking water so bad you can light it on fire, Erin Brockovich anyone? etc I'd say the EPA is a failure.

That being said if all of this stuff is going on with the EPA imagine what it would be like without one. Look at China. Hell look at our own history. New York and LA was Beijing at one time. Some of our rivers were polluted so bad they caught on fire States weren't stepping up to the plate to enforce anything, the private sector sure as hell wasn't.