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Get over yourself already.

It takes guts to be a Republican? Everyone is a stupid coward because they don't think like you?

It takes guts to stick to your principles no matter the cost versus going along to get along while you con yourself into believing that you're making a difference.

You're changing nothing. Liberty will be won without you being a turncoat and voting Christie into 2016 as the Republican nominee.

You don't realize that now. You, Rand and the rest of the awaken Republicans that think you're going to change the party by following the carrot. They've shown their true colors and you want to believe they'll give-up their power and wealth for liberty. They'll change the rules as they please. Any gain will be wiped out in one meeting and vote...while you're not invited.

I'll give you two more election cycles to realize the obvious. Then, hopefully, en masse, liberty Republicans will realize they have to leave the party to take power away from the powerful.