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it took me guts i hated the gop with a passion. Seriously.. I got sick checking that box. But I was going to do everything I could to get Ron Paul the nomination. I lead four counties and of 53 counties, we came in third behind San Francisco and Santa Cruz, and Ron paul thanksed me, so if you don't.. it's ok. I'll get over myself. Fuck me.. you don't need me.. I guess Ineed you? Hmmm

Because Oh that's right.. Gary Johnson, the Rpublican who snapped on the LP button.. he's going to save us from slavery,, yeah right.

You should read my emails.. I think our chair just resigned, But It wasn't me who did that, because it wasn't me who stood up at the diustrict meeting embarrassing him.. It wasn't me no it was YOU.

Turncoat? I'm a turncoat? To what? The Libertarian Party.. last meeting I attended had 2 people. Wow. but they did get 125 votes last election . Wow. Think my 126 would ahve made GJ prez? Woukld it have put Ron Paul in office? Oh I know, it would have made you not call me a turncoat. Wow. There's a good reason.

I don't think the establishment GOP is ever going to GIVE up. I think they are going to fight, and what I mean.. I think they are going to arrest people on false charges. Maybe me. I think they are going to break bones. I think they are going to KILL people. That's what I think. I've been warned. But as you know. I'm a stupid fool who won't keep my big mouth shut. Not here, not at the GOP.. not me. I've been told.. "Youre making your bed". I guess I'm digging my grave. Oh well.

I've been through four election cycles as a Libertarian.. 4 eelection cycles as an Indy.. and 1 election cycle as a Republican (I refused to join the GOP in 07 for Ron Paul.. I just HATED that party way too much).

I think within two election cycles there will be rivers of blood in the streets of the USA, bombs, tanks armed tropps from the UN, drone, raiding hoards of raping murdering what the military doesn't get if we don't advance. The USA isn't the only country calling for rEVOLution.. many have fallen before us..

In the meantime.. I'm going to work on getting over myself. peace