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Religeon is like a

Religeon is like a tourniquet; if you're in really bad shape, it can save your life, but it'll leave you a mental cripple.

There are tons of messed up people, too weak to deal with reality who look for external sources to help them cope with their failed lives. Religeon is one of the "least" dangerous alternatives to facing reality on a small scale. On a large scale though Id prefer a bunch of alochalics & drug adicts than an army of zealots with political power.

Religeon can be a force for good, esspecially because so many people are emotionally weak and lack the fortitude to lead virtious lives unless that virtue is manifest as a deity and given a carrot & a stick to weild. It can make people behave virtiously even when they might normally not because they have criminal or sadistic impulses and lack the mental facilities to overcome them.

However as history has shown again and again, the dangers religeon poses is that it indoctrinates young minds with the core of collectivism which can be exploited later by "authorities" to turn normal people into monsters. In my opinion, the world would be "vastly" better off if people taught their children to demand reason in all things, natural rights and to live by the non-aggression principal. They should be left to find god(s) on their own. Christians shouldn't need to stack the deck by supplying only a biast education to win. It doesn't speak well for their beliefs if they can't compete against a well rounded education.

In as much as I do believe that terrifying children with threats of hell (having been victim of it myself) is certainly wrong, I do believe that its a parent's right to raise their children as they see fit. I think there is a double standard in that if I lied to a retarded person, telling them if they didn't do as I say, I was going to have the boogie man tear his ball's off, I could go to jail for that.. but its open season on children. Still, part of being free is being able to @#$% your kids up any way you please mentally. I only hope that in the age of the internet, christianity will begin to fade as more and more people have easy access to information.

However given the rate at which christians breed and indoctrinate their children, congregate, and take political power, I think it far more likley that unless something BIG happens in the free market to usher in a golden age, we're far more likley to wind up with a future where people like me are put into thumbscrews for crimes of herressy by the "church." Nothing says: "Look at all the wonderful ways God changes people!" like a good witch burning right!