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I defended you above, but I

I defended you above, but I guess here is where we have to part company. There was nothing racist either in the tabloid newsletters, or in Buchanan's works, or in Rothbard. They may have been wrong on some things, but they were right about the social impact of multiculturalism.

You make lots of appeals to empiricism and realism, but you seem to abandon them when it comes to multiculturalism. Do you really suppose your "Nordic model" economics is going to have much longevity in a balkanized Scandinavia? Social capital and contributions to public goods collapse in multiculturalism.


I think this is where your left-leaning tendencies smack up against reality and will do you in. You need to drop the egalitarianism if you want to keep the realism. The humor value in watching the liberal European model contend with non assimilating immigrants will be high, but won't quite compensate for the damage.

The Buchanan/Rothbard attitudes toward multiculturalism are only controversial in the West where the Left is running around looking for things to set on fire.

Outside Europe, North America and the Anglosphere, for example Japan or Singapore, the absence of multiculturalism and open borders ideology is the normal state of affairs. I don't see any European or American leftists complaining about it. They only seem interested in dismantling homogeneity and social cohesion of their own home countries, as they suffer from some kind of emotional guilt complex or psychological trauma.

All your economic and environmental concerns will not survive your multiculturalism, but I don't doubt you'll make the sacrifice of the rational to the sacred irrational. In that sense, you are just like those you condemn in your post.