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Ohhh kay

Well DW.. While all that may be true.. and maybe it's where I live, but I see the UN Agenda blooming. Ultimately, the goal of the UN Agenda is population reduction.

The UN since the 60s is a communist/Islamic (fascist) block. And I see population purges happening globally. Those who are not slaughtered in the name of "revolution", "Freedom" and "liberty" (same theme, over and over) are being displaced.. you will see USA AID on teh "FEMA" tents, where they are within barbed wire fences.

An excellent documentary came out a few months ago, "The Square" about the revolution of young people (they will remind you of the liberty movement) here is a review

When you watch that movie (if you do) you will see layers of attacks. You well see how people are played like accordians. You may see, as I did, how the powers that be play the people to "escape". Syria is much worse.. Egypt, beit the establishment that abandoned leadership for the military, and then an election of the Muslimbrotherhood all used USA weapons against their people. Every new government became worse than the last.

Many here disagree with me about Assad, who is being armed by Russia.. but it's the same goal, population reduction. There is nothing fair about it.

These wars are not like WWI or WWII.. technology has changed that.

In OR there is a right to die movement, and everyday people commit suicide, because life can be very difficult and not worth living. America is set up for a huge fall. I'd like to stop it before it starts.. but I am a minority. Many want revolution, and if that means death.. so beit. If that means no more running hot water, or food or clothing or electricty.. they don't care. So it will be very hard for those of us who do care.