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Now I get it. It took me reading a bunch of comments to piece it together.

Makes you wonder, though - how did he manage to crowd this bizarre array of people onto the same boat? We've got religious crusaders, patriot militiamen, unreconstructed Confederates, anarcho-capitalists, Zionists, Constitutionalists, pacifists, hippies, singers, gun nuts, ex-soldiers, artists, businessmen, atheists, college kids, and countless other categories, with each member being a mix of several.

This has got to be the most dysfunctional crew ever, but woe to those who stand against us! I can't put my finger on why, but this is somehow a very profound reminder of the fact that we're fighting under the same flag. We bicker like crazy now, but when it comes time... we're unstoppable.

"We'll rally 'round the bonnie flag, we'll rally once again! Shout, shout the battle cry of freedom!"