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Doesn't have squat

to do with Zionists. Israel and the USA are on the OUTS.. Israel is about freedom, the USA has sold out to a NWO and the GOP is killing itself to give us one party like Communist China or Islam.. because the UN is a communist and Islamic fascist block.

Believing it's zionists and Israel is the equvilant to : We don't want a county, we don't want freedom.. we want FEMA camps and UN (so we can be equals in the world).

It's really a shame so many Americans bought into the "Palestinian lie" I once did too.. none the less.. the GOP wants ASIANS they specifically targetted millions of funds for ASIAN and Hispanic candidates.. duel citizenships.. and if you're a Jew.. GET LOST.

Israel refuses to sign up to the UN Agenda. I wish people would wake up, but it's very hard to do when you need to feel a part of something that is popular (and it's by design) One day many here are going to wake up to the fact they've been had..