Comment: There were a handful.

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There were a handful.

I wish I could remember the names associated with the stuff. A few had "download app" and "update" like terms associated with them. One was a weather alert thing. The only name I actually remember was "Remarkit". That one not only added advertisements to my pages but messed up my pages layouts, laying on top and also displacing DP content. It was also the one responsible for highlighting random DP text while applying ad links. Uffda! It's all gone now [I HOPE!]. It wasn't terribly difficult to remove. I simply removed all programs installed today. It was kinda strange though [a bit like Whack-a-Mole] as they didn't all list in my "Programs" at once, but repeated refreshes of "Uninstall Programs" eventually [knock on wood]* revealed them all.

*unrelated to my previous reference to "hand job"