Comment: Great idea. This year, I

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Great idea. This year, I

Great idea.

This year, I started with Khan Academy. I'm not quite going with the piano guy's program as mine is more long term. It's been on my lifelist for more than a decade to pass a calculus class. Since my son will be doing calc in 2 years, I figured I'd start trying to remember all the math I've forgotten so that I can take the class with him and meet my goal.

I also started studying Spanish on Duolingo. I've studied some German, French and Greek. Figured it would be handy to know some Spanish . Also son will be studying next year, so a nice synergism.

Picked up a logic textbook a few months ago, but am still in chapter one.

Been playing violin a lot the last couple of years. Picked up an electric violin at a pawn shop last fall and got a new amp for Christmas so I'd like to learn to play beyond fiddle music and Copland stuff to take advantage of the verity of backup the distorted violin can do. Currently working on some spy-James Bond music that has potential but is beyond my skill set at present.

Been progressively learning to garden better and process/store foods better. This one I like to keep more "off the books." I experiment and ask experts who come my way but try not to formally research.