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thank you

Too many acadimics seem to think they have all the answers, but the truth is the more you know the more you know you dont know.

My understanding on how to teach comes from karate. Everything has a basic, and everything else is built on the basic stuff. If you focus on the basics you can learn everything else you need to, but you can never learn everything. Simply put martial arts taught me why the fundamentals are so important.

and one last thing if I may, I would like to say I think biology is being taught backward from the way it should be taught, for years everytime I had a biology class they started with the cells and worked their way up and well there is a whole lot to do with cells. I think biology should start with anatomy and agriculture and work its way down to cells. Especially since different cells have different jobs it just makes more sense to me to start what you can see touch and feel. Heck if you are homeschooling you could even do a juicing regiment with your kids for a week and teach them how it cleans out certain organs, really let them feel those organs ;)