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So you and the rest of the

So you and the rest of the "flock" consider a bunch of gibberish written in a book assembled by the worst of Roman ologarchs at the council of Niscea by vote, to be your "evidence." Im happy for you, but its not evidence. It wouldn't hold up in court.

When you say things like: "The evidence that you speak of IS the RESURRECTION" it is utterly meaningless. What ressurrection? Did you manage to get your hands on a copy of the video? Do you know someone was there? Have we got a crime scene to examine here?

Just because someone who believes nonsense proclaims in all caps "The Flying Spagetti Monster IS the EVIDENCE!" means absolutly nothing. It provides no "actual" evidence of anything other than the one speaking either believes, or is trying reeeeeally hard to believe what he's saying (or makes a lot of money convincing others he does).

As for Abraham, first off, I have 0 respect for anyone who would murder their own child just because some blood-thirsty tyrant asked them too, I don't care what rewards said tyrant was peddling in exchange. While god stopped him at the last second, what about all the kids whose parents he "didn't" stop? As for Abraham, @#$% him. I would NEVER murder my child, I don't care if the gods tossed me in hell forever. Never.

Anyway, even if your fantasy storybook was true, and Abraham really was talking to god, where does "faith" come into the picture? Why do you need faith to believe in someone whose standing right in front of you talking? If JC came down and said howdy to me, and invited me to get to know him, id be happy as a clam to meet the fellow. But id hardly need "faith" at that point since id have all the proof I required.