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Yeah :)

Double negatives can be a hoot :)

Don't want to keep doing a bunch of word-fencing here ...

Basically all I'm saying is:

Theists see reality as A (ultimately personal)
Atheists see reality as B (ultimately non-personal)

Theists believe A
Atheists believe B

Theists are without belief in B.
Atheists are without belief in A.

'Belief' or 'without belief' aren't badges of honor or shame to be worn by one side or the other -- they apply to both sides. I'm more concerned with how each person sees the nature of reality and lives it than with the precise wording of a particular definition of a label.

But here I am, getting sucked into more theist vs atheist banter when I said I would be more silent in this area -- apologies...going back into private meditation mode. :)