Comment: Global Warming Event (circa 5600 BC)

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Global Warming Event (circa 5600 BC)


Basically holds that rising sea levels from the end of the
last ice age breached the land barrier between the Aegean/Mediterranean
and the Black Sea resulting in a catastrophic flood.

In any case there are well documented human structures in the Black Sea
off Turkey over three hundred feet below sea level...

Other catastrophic flood events such as the Missoula

and Lake Agassiz

are pretty well documented - but most of these were from freshwater lakes
flowing into the ocean.

The Black Sea event OTOH was the other way around -
I don't know of any other example of a huge area where people were living
being suddenly and catastrophically flooded - I suppose that sort of thing
would tend to make a lasting impression...

The Lake Agassiz flood a few hundred years before the Black Sea flood probably
raised global sea levels from 3-9 feet on its own. That coincides with the beginning of
a global cooling period (the Younger Dryas) that lasted a couple hundred years.

Then the climate went back to warming and the sea levels to rising just about when the Black Sea event is supposed to have happened.