Comment: Bump Question: Why hydroponics and not aquaponics?

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Bump Question: Why hydroponics and not aquaponics?

When we first looked into home growing, we started with a garden. I had much experience here as a kid but completely missed how much space and effort it took for so little production. We compared aeroponics to hydro.

Aeroponics was touted as having the most extreme growth but incurred the highest capital cost to get set up. So many finicky nozzles were needed and they had to be kept very clean so the air to water ratio stayed perfect. For the small extra boost in growth with no boost in footprint, I couldn't justify the extra cost. Hydro looked much easier.

When we started hydroponics, I couldn't believe how much expense was involved in the repetitive chemicals, not to mention that most of the chemicals didn't exactly sound so natural. Sure, some were, but when you wanted faster and faster growth, the sales was pushed toward this special stuff or that. We tried organic chemicals.

We then tried various compost teas and vermiculture mixes to feed a hydro system. That ended up a complete mess because of all the algae and moss that ended up growing instead. We felt aquaponics might help.

The aquaponics seems to be the solution to all the above problems. It is very tricky to get started but once you figure it out and then wait 2-4 weeks, it settles into working just fine. Sure, it has more 'process' to manage and that can be tricky but it's not really that much. Basically, if you miss a few days, it rarely seems to care.

I just wondered if others had followed this same process and if so, why did they stay on a certain step and not move all the way to where we did.