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I went to a local grassroots meeting recently to give a presentation on Financial Permaculture and before the meeting started a member was talking about some controversy at a Primitive (Hardshell) Baptist Church not far from us.

Apparently someone accused the Reverend of being in the KKK and he was told about it. He started the service as usual that morning with a prayer, but when he finished his face became a blood-red with rage. Not all that different than his usual sermon, but something was different this day.

He began "Someone in this room has accused me of being in the KKK and I declare that is a lie and whomever is the blasphemer shall be held accountable here on Earth and before Peter! I command you to reveal yourself and beg for mercy!"

No one stood, everyone looked at each other with fear and suspicion.

He reiterated "If you reveal yourself and admit that you are a liar and a sinner, then you have the chance at salvation and mercy, but if you don't your lying filthy soul will be committed to the fiery depths of Hell and Damnation for ETERNITY!"

No one stood, and then the Reverend started slamming his hands on the pulpit and screaming in tongues that no one could quite decipher, but they knew what he meant. When he gasped for a breathe of air he stopped and stood silent as a young shapely women (the wife of the Sunday School teacher) slowly stood, everyone staring in disbelief, she said "Please, please Reverend forgive me, I didn't say that you were in the KKK, I said that you were a Wizard beneath the Sheets."

And then they all went to Heaven.

The End.