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That's the problem with LYING---

According to my fellow detectives, the liars ALWAYS get caught, usually with their own mouths. They trip up....always.

And to make such an elaborate plan as Sandy Hook would require ELABORATE LYING, and it's really hard to "stage" something like this without it being found out. In fact, it's pretty obvious to anybody who thinks beyond the Media so-called reporting of it.

Another thing, the local county put a stop to anyone trying to access the DEATH CERTIFICATES. Gee, golly, why? I mean all death certificates have the Names, the addresses, the occupations, what morgue the body was sent to, AND the "Manner" and "Cause" of death on each certificate. No, they wouldn't want that tid-bit of information to get out. Certainly not one parent would either! Right. That is a fact. Just look up one of your own relatives' death certificate, and you'll see for yourself.

And, btw, ALL parents would have been able to obtain a copy of the following by a simple request:

the Death Certificate
the Coroner's Report of the scene of the crime
the Police Report of the scene of the crime
the Autopsy Report
the Toxicology Report

I agree, though, he needs a proof-reader, but he is certainly articulate and passionate about that, and THAT truly comes through in this interview. Bookmark it for later reference!