Comment: I am not a terribly big fan of aquaponics or hydroponics

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I am not a terribly big fan of aquaponics or hydroponics

Aquaponics seems to me that you cannot control the feed schedule of your plants. It is very possible to get deficiencies from just relying on fish emulsion to feed your plants. I find calcium and magnesium to be a nutrient you can feed with every watering and I just don't think you can get that solely relying on fish waste. Hydroponics I am not a big fan of simply because of the amount of work involved in keeping your PH stable and your parts per millions at optimum levels. Parts per millions for those that don't know, is how much nutrients you have in the water and during different stages of growth that needs to be increased, and as plants eat you need to try and maintain a certain level of parts per million to achieve maximum growth. Obviously as you stated above, it is very hard to go organic with hydroponics because organic nutrients tend to be thick and will ferment if they sit in water for too long. I prefer gardening with dirt because you can control the nutrient feeds much better, with fresh new feeding solution everytime you water instead of trying to raise the parts per million in a reservoir. Also keep in mind you can reuse your dirt multiple times so if you have a big garden going, you dont have to worry about disposing of a lot of dirt each time you harvest, you simply use something like Hygrozyme to break down any organic material left over after you harvest and it basically cleans the dirt for another run. To top it off, the systems are very expensive to buy for hydroponics, and I would rather see someone spend the money on more wattage on the ceiling in terms of lighting to increase their yields rather than spend it on things on the ground when dirt is so much cheaper. Hope that helps please feel free to call if you ever have any questions. I find most people, especially beginners find dirt to be the easiest and most cost effective way of growing. Hydroponics and aquaponics is definitely a lot more tricky to manage. Aquaponics and hydroponics are not too bad to do if you are growing on a small scale, but if you choose to do a commercial size grow, dirt is the easiest and cheapest to maintain.

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