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Just Facts and Evidence


I'm just stating facts and evidence of wrong-doing, improper influence, abuse of power, and lies which, in the past, have resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people, including 4486 US Soldiers in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (not counting the ones that got killed there and don't know it, yet, via PTSD/suicide, depleted uranium poisoning, etc.). And now our politicians want to start another war. Unfortunately, this one will probably end the USA. I am anti anyone that supports going to war in Iran. Many of the organizations pushing it the hardest, however, are Jewish. You will find that I am very much against Senator McCain, Senator Kirk, Senator Graham, and other non-Jewish warmongers. Also, I know that many Jews, maybe most Jews, do not support any of this warmongering, and they definitely do not support Israel's racist and apartheid policies. I applaud those Jews.