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... soon to be Monsanto's key

... soon to be Monsanto's key (chemtrails?).

Pesticide and fertilizer runoff are real runoff chemtrails:

Can that change by planting food bearing plants and trees all over the place?

I don't know. But, we should probably be thinking about the real consequences of our current annual agricultural system.

Would a person choose to hunt and gather if they were given the choice? Would every day then be like a news year eve party or family bar-b-q? I intend to have my New Year's Eve party bar-b-q and eat it too.

"The average hunter-gatherer worked about 500 hours a year... What they did was they set up their own designer hunter-gatherer system that was convenient to harvest. It's like a fast food hunter-gatherer system... True wealth is when we end up in absolute abundance." --Geoff Lawton

Have you read any books by Daniel Quinn? My thoughts on food decentralization are based on his ideas. "Ishmael" is his best known work, "Beyond Civilization" is a thorough quick read.

No, I haven't done a lot of reading. I'll keep an eye out for it. I'm convinced, though, that annual agriculture is antithetical to food decentralization. When politicians refer to "preserving our way of life," I'm not sure if they realize that the basis of "our way of life" is annual agriculture. And, all the political problems that everybody here at DP recognize is likely a direct result of trying to "preserve our way of life."