Comment: Just a note here of something I learned about burns

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Just a note here of something I learned about burns

First thanks for this article. Good info to know!

Believe it or not one thing I have found for quickly eliminating pain from burns (at least up to second degree burns as I have never had a third degree burn) is to apply HOT water and heat to the burn.

I received a severe second degree burn when I was about 7 years old and did the water and ice thing for over a day and the burn hurt the whole time when cold was released.

Years later getting another severe second degree burn similar to the previous and remembering the lengthy pain of my previous burn I decided to try apply heat instead of cold to the burn. Low and behold I found the pain was completely gone within a half hour to 1 hour. I have done this ever since for any burn and the pain is always completely gone within 1 hour max.

The heat will cause more pain for a bit but if you deal with it the overall pain will be gone very rapidly.

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