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I hope you're right, but my

I hope you're right, but my experience has been different. I've seen one great candidate after another get blocked by media snubs, 3rd party ballot registration issues, and lack of funding sources. Every once in a while someone is successful outside of the 2 parties, but not very often. The usual result is running out of money and energy just to get on the ballot and attempting to get access to debates. The game is fixed and the rules are built against 3rd parties. It's a rough road when the system is designed to block you. I believe the nearest an independent has gotten to the white house in the last century was Roosevelt in 1912 and he came in 2nd as a former President.
Wallace was the next closest is 1968 and came in 3rd.

Like I said above. I hope you're right. Run as an independent and help spread the message. We all have to do our part to make the World a better place.