Comment: If you aren't proposing...

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If you aren't proposing...

...any characterization of reality as to whether it is personal or impersonal at its root, then I guess you see both as live options.

Here's the thing about leprechauns, fairies, etc.: you and I have never experienced them.

On the other hand, you and I have both experienced person, mind, love in our lives; and we have both experienced gravity, electromagnetism, and other laws of nature in our lives.

The question isn't about things we've never experienced; it's a question of which of these categories is pre-eminent, or antecedent to the other.

I am almost positive you will say person, mind, love are derivative from laws of nature; I see the opposite as more plausible: laws of nature are derivatives of Person, Mind, Love.

This isn't about things we haven't even come across, or even about a particular god or particular set of laws of nature at this level. It's about which things we have experienced are more fundamental.