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My wife doesn't believe me either

I am not talking about the "heat". I am talking about the "pain". The pain increases significantly while heat/hot water is applied but then rapidly dissipates as the heat is removed.

Also just to be clear the icy cold does provide immediate pain relief but causes extended prolonged pain as the coolness is removed. But for ending the pain rapidly that's where the heat does wonders for me.

I am not a doctor so I am not trying to give medical advice and I would not attempt this on a third degree burn. For first and second degree this technique works very well for me and I have no scars from burns.

My wife insists on keeping the burn cool for pain relief but she does have minor scars from second degree burns (She is a doctor/medical research scientist). Of course she has extended pain from her cooling technique just as I had when I was younger.

Mild heating works so well for minor to moderately severe burn pain relief for me that I don't think any other way now. I immediately go to the hot water when burned and the pain is completely gone within a half to one hour.

Your caution is wise though...

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