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"Listen to your inner voice for answers... "

I went on a "spiritual quest" some years ago, and I've found the answer. I found God's Will inside me. But it wasn't in my head. It wasn't even in my heart - I found God's Will in my butt. In a meditation, I reached the Light at the End of the Tunnel, and had an audience with what I thought was God himself, but it turned out to be only His Spirit. He said, in effect, "Your answer is at the other end of the tunnel."

Long story short, Free Will is God's Will. Your own personal will is a fragment of God's Will herself. What's your personal will? It's what you feel. Spirit communicates through thought; Will communicates through feelings/emotions. (actually, the emotions are part of the sensory system.) IOW, do what you feel like doing, as long as you don't hurt anybody.

And those who deny Free Wlil are really nothing - they are denials of Deity's Infinite Love, occupied by Spirit light that has unloving intent. Those evil spirits are surprisingly easy to get rid of, since they're really nothing at all - just fill up your inner gaps with Love. You recognize inner gaps in yourself by seeing their reflection in your outer reality.

It is time for the full awakening of the Divine Will on Earth. It is our job to learn how to manifest the Garden of Eden on Earth, and I'm here to tell you that making rules ain't the pathway there.

But I'm crazy, and I believe I'm Jesus' crazy brother, who got locked away in the basement lo those many centuries ago, and nobody's been allowed to talk about. Well, Our Divine Mother is coming out of her coma, and it's time for things on Earth to change.

I'm also running for president:

Freedom is my Worship Word!