Comment: Redistibution of wealth.

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Redistibution of wealth.

Trainloads of loot ware sent back North.

Originally, High tariff on Southern trade were to pay Congressional Debts.

When The South refused the North sent in the wrecking crew to break a few windows.

Besides reading Karl Marx, Lincoln read Malthus.

Seven hundred thousand dead. National Bank, USDA, Conscription, Income Tax, Confiscate property of rebels.

Lincoln destroyed the Old Republic and replaced it with a marxist Union.

The New Republic 1787-1835 when Foreign debt paid.
The Old Republic 1835-1862 Federation abandoned.
Federal Union invaded and overthrew the Southern States.

We are still paying interest on on 1/3 of the Civil War debt.

How many Northerners bought a slave and set him or her free?

Free includes debt-free!