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Thanks, and same to you. I

Thanks, and same to you. I tend to agree the whole thing is a mystery, I remain on the fence and haven't yet cracked the nut... As I said in the post, the alternatives seem to be a continuous effort of skepticism or the "surrender" to faith. I'm not sure which is more difficult or more tragic, and who knows where any of us will end up before we take a dirt nap.

It is those who claim a definite knowledge either way who I find obnoxious... the religious who lack the courage of their faith, and so pretend there is some literal proof that doesn't require faith... and those who claim they know there is nothing besides physical reality, and pretend with vulgar cocksure bravado that there is nothing mysterious, and everything can be parsed with their god "Science." Not sure which group is more obnoxious, and I thank god or non-God I belong to neither.