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A few articles with observations and opinions

Hi Rob, thanks for the pics and video! Wow! Doesn't look too much of a 'peaceful protests' to me. I don't think McCain would be calling them such if it were citizens in the US protesting in DC like that! I made a post you may have missed with some opinions and insights here:

Here is another viewpoint/ observations to consider by former U.S. Rep.Dennis Kucinich. Well worth a read in full.
Is NATO's Trojan Horse Riding Toward the 'Ukraine Spring'?

and a few more I just found here:

Crisis in the Ukraine: USAID Support for Destabilization of Russia

Soros Supported Protests Turn Violent in Ukraine

Ukrainian anarchist dispels myths surrounding Euromaidan protests, warns of fascist influence

Ukraine: Autonomous Workers Union Update on Euromaidan

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.