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Retail is expensive.

Become my preferred customer and get 30% off Retail.

My alternative was Embrol shots for $12,000 a year. I have no insurance.

Plus I wanted a cure not a painkiller. So I spent $5,000 last year. My wife lost 40#. Everybody here is happy.

The company pays sales commissions of 50% of sales.

No upfront investment required. Sell product get a commission. Get others to sell product get a commission on their sales. It's all voluntary.

Anybody can get wholesale prices. If you buy retail the company get 30% more income. Buy through the pyramid and other get a piece and you get lower prices.

$300 (retail) for 3 month remedy for autism for 100 pound child.

If nutrition can't cure it, nothing can.

Free includes debt-free!