Comment: I'm going insane. (obsessed much?)

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I'm going insane. (obsessed much?)

Of course it's probably beneficial in this case.

I've been infected. As a good story should, Fight Club currently runs through my veins and adds fresh perspective on things already endeared to me. I find my imagination creating a new scene for the film. It's a deeper passion play of sorts [passion of the christ-like], a deam sequence embedded into the scene in which Tyler gets beaten by the building owner, Lou. The scene has him beaten closer to death, at which point is shown relatively fast paced edits of slow motion clips, his "life flashing before his eyes", with an increasing injection of slo-mo fight clips incorporated before coming back to conciousness where he makes his peace with Lou. The entire sequence is set to this song...

The scene is a seed of sorts,
the spore and souce of our contagion.