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Look, I have run the same

Look, I have run the same dialog over in my head and argued the same way. God is not an answer, because God also requires an explanation.

But if that's the case, you have infinite regress. Infinite regress is no more superior logically than God or Nothing. If that's really your choice, you should choose my option three, that nothing makes sense because the human cognitive instruments are not reliable and just play tricks on us, that logic breaks down outside certain practical bounds.

But is God really incoherent, in that sense?

I am not so sure. We don't need to know or understand everything about the concept 'God' to acknowledge it as a logically possible reality. If there IS an ultimate explanation for all other contingent, non-necessary things (people, planets, galaxies), then that explanation (as a matter of definition) is God. The term God is synonymous with 'that which doesn't require explanation, because it is metaphysically necessary for all other things...'

If reality is to make any sense, there has to be a termination of the infinite regress. If you reject materialism and say there might be non material realities, conscious entities that don't have a physical or temporal dimension, and just 'are' as a fundamental reality, then they don't require a material or prior explanation in the same sense as material objects.

If mind or consciousness has primacy over matter, rather than the reverse, then it is possible that there simply is no such thing as 'Nothing' and that the fundamental aspect of all existence is the consciousness of a mind, and which matter derives from.

You can posit an eternal universe that requires no explanation, but that is not a superior explanation to God, as both are 'existences' without prior explanation. So the eternal universe is not superior logically to the eternal mind, and the two are opposed and are instances of the mind vs matter philosophy.

Finally, there is always the alternative 'Nothing makes sense because the human mind is just madness.' It is a comfortable refuge when this stuff gets too overbearing.