Comment: The eyes see what the mind believes

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The eyes see what the mind believes

You should be ashamed of yourself. How can you stand idly by and watch 3 planes spray poison all on the people that you swore to protect and defend?

First off, I don't like to call them contrails. That is what they are. Please Google "contrail formation."

Secondly, who said that only cargo and passenger aircraft emitted contrails?

"Wouldn't the skies look pretty much the same everyday?"

This question shows how ignorant you are of anything aviation related.

"As a pilot," you should know what type of aircraft you witnessed spraying people.

So, what type of aircraft was it?

If you are a gainfully employed pilot and not just referring to the time you were flying 46's in Vietnam, you could ask your coworkers what their opinion on the matter is.

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If you can debunk anything listed on the site, please bring it here to our attention.

Thank you, good luck waking up.

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