Comment: What i do is get a glass of

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What i do is get a glass of

What i do is get a glass of water and take constant little sips of water, the idea being that i have water going IN during my next hiccup, feels weird at first, thinking i might choke or something but i think thats more fear then reality, if im sipping at the same time im hiccuping, it actually stops that particular hiccup completly, after taking a few more sips just to "make sure", after that hiccups are usually gone

when sipping make sure to not have your mouth open completly, form your lips around the glass, as if your trying to make it water tight, only allowing the the water in.
So you have water balanced between the glass and arround the mouth and taking quick little and i mean tiny sips, one after the other one after the other one after the other until the next hicup

its like your sucking in the water, like a straw, but keeping the water around the little opening of the mouth your taking the sip from, the idea is that the opening wont have access to air, because when you open the mouth to sip, youll have water already sorrounding it

And pardon me, thats the best i could describe it, even though it sounds like entirely way too much inuendo to my ears, sorry