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Thanks,my friend

Your words bring me encouragement
While I wasn't actually bored with new members,(never came across as many as you have),some were down right intolerable ( I came across things that weren't people)
You and the mods here have my utmost respect( I have been one before,but not with so many people)
As far as something deeper !!! oh yeah,that is what I live for,the things unseen,the things that make all other things work..This place,for me anyways,has always been deep,I have said before,bears repeating,this site has more info for truth,and it is a vast encyclopedia,ans a dictionary rolled into one
I have lost all interest in politics,yeah sure I might vote.But I know it is rigged.Not hard to figure out by seeing who invests in them.And it also bites the big one,when our bail out cash is used,so in affect,we pay for it all,while the ones on top pick the next puppets,and WE get the gold-ish shaft
It is good to know,which side of the door I made it on :)
I am more than a screen name,my acct says my name is Wayne,and I live in MICH,and I consider you and most here friends,family and neighbors
As far as your saying goes...I have looked upon the world as it is,And if more looked at it like I am,this world just might be a better place,I know,it would for me :)>you must think so too,as I am still here,and for a greater good
in closing,thank you and yours for letting me into your home for all these yrs

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)