Comment: Learning to self-teach

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Learning to self-teach

Is the most important life skill and never taught in public school.

How can one claim to think independently and critically without that skill?

Without it people are nothing but parrots; repeaters. In society, these people generally will always defend the status quo. It is what they have been taught, it's their core beliefs. They've never been taught to question what they are taught.

And unfortunately many scientists are among the worst offenders.

Especially concerning junk science (ie guesswork based on studies, anthropology, archaeology, product 'science' in the marketplace, certain vaccines and drugs, etc.)

This sadly covers probably 60% of all science, this junk science.

Studies should only be used to generate a hypothesis, but these days they are considered 'proof' in and of themselves.

I know Nystrom hates it when I bash science, but it has to be said. :P