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Gotta say I'm really

Gotta say I'm really impressed with Rand. And it's not just because he's RP's son. Heck, being his son is not a guarantee for getting a vote of confidence and it shouldn't be. Each individual should be judged on his own merits. But I do have to say that he's remarkably similar to RP in demeanor and it shows.

No partisan smear attacks, doesn't engage in ad hominem, his arguments are purely based on reason and not emotion, doesn't hit someone when he's down, always tries to be fair even to someone he disagrees with and he isn't trapped in the two party system groupthink and thinks of the other side as enemies, tries not to generalize by saying liberals are always this way or that way, sees people as individuals and on and on it goes. It's because RP had these traits besides his track record that people believed in him. It's his personality that shows me he has what it takes. He doesn't even need to play politics in order to play politics. By simply being himself and trying to act reasonable and fair, this is all that it takes.