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You finally came out in the open to expose yourself as one NOT wanting an honest answer, but to find fault, NOT with me, but with God!

So then, you believe the Bible? All of it or just some of it?
If you believe none of it, then your Scripture verses are non issue!

As for myself, yes, the Truth of God's Holy Word has made me free from ALL my sin and ALL my guilt, and because I am one of His, I also will spend eternity with Him who gave Himself for this wretched old sinner!

You can shake your very fist at the God of heaven if you so choose, but it will do you NO good, and only make your hatred grow to the great pleasure of satan who has his way with you and has poisoned your mind with this hatred.

In the end ( which is very soon to come ), He will destroy ALL who mock Him and believe not on Jesus Christ as Lord of their life.

Nothing you say or do can change any of this.

You still have the breath of life in you ( because of His long suffering with you ) and you still can come to Him for forgiveness if you will humble yourself and seek His face.


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~