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Because many believe as you do, I will reply

Because there are many who think just as you do, I will say this:

Because there are so many who think as you do, and use God's very Word ( the Bible ) to point their finger at Him and accuse Him of being some terrible monster because He punished people back there in the Old Testament, I will try to explain that which I do know about why!

There is much about God that I do not know, and that nobody knows because we can only know the detailed things about Him by reading what He tells us about Himself in the Bible.

These haters of God, who use His Book, and pick out verses within His Book that show God punishing people, destroying people, and make him out to be some wicked being, by doing so they admit that they believe He exists, and they must believe at least these portions of His Book are true otherwise why get so angry and full of hate about something that just is not true.

They want to point their finger at God, instead of looking deep within themselves and all the sin that they have committed and still commit.

What WE do not fully understand is just how terrible sin is!
We do not see sin the way God sees it. God HATES sin!

We are ALL sinners...EVERYONE!

What you, and all the others that use your arguments backed with Scripture verses fail to mention is those verses that speak about the very love of God.

They never mention His call to all sinners for repentance of their sins and to turn unto Him for forgiveness.

No, they hang on to those things that THEY see as unfair or unjust when just the opposite is true.

They never mention how God, could send His only Son to earth and become man, and take upon Himself ALL the abominable sins of ALL those who would believe on Him so that they might be saved!

How could God do that to Jesus?

Why would His Son be so willing to do that for wicked sinners?

It's called LOVE!

LOVE like none other!

Yes, these haters of God, NEVER, EVER mention the cross at Calvary and the exhibition of love for ALL the world to know, that this God who punishes ALL sin, did so to His Son and therefore we sinners who would believe on Him could be made pure in His sight and live with Him forever.

I know that God is righteous and just in all His ways and that He is a God of great mercy.

I myself am living proof of that.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~