Comment: Existence exists!

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Existence exists!

There is a reason why it matters what you think on the subject and what those in power or in the majority think and believe.

If you study the era in which the religionists prevailed, which is to say The Dark Ages in Europe you will find that the issue was not a simple difference of opinion.

In those days, if you did not accept and practice the religious belief system, you were considered to be a heretic.

Heretics were subjected to torture by the INQUISITION and killed in great numbers.

Our society tolerates diversity and religious toleration extends to non believers as well.

Hated societies like the Soviet Union were and still are considered to be ATHEISTIC although their GOD was THE STATE and their LEADER.

Most religious people are benevolent but THEOCRACY is dangerous to those who do not share the theology of those in power.

Our tradition of religious toleration and the FIRST AMENDMENT advocacy of freedom of religion and separation of CHURCH and STATE so far ensures the freedom of those who were once considered to be HERETICS.

Our own heroes, Ron Paul and Rand Paul, are religious men who advocate that fertilized microscopic ova be considered to be PERSONS with all the rights of citizens. I hasten to add that in my view such ova are potential human beings not actual human beings and do not possess rights as long as they remain within their mother's womb.

I just want to point out that religions are dangerous despite whatever comforts on derives from a belief that one's dead loved one's continue to exist in an imagined afterlife where one will someday be with them again.

Who wouldn't want to believe that?

It doesn't make it so!

It is known as wishful thinking, a fairy tale for adults.

For those still searching for the truth I recommend:

Goerge H. Smith's Atheism:The Case Against God

Zsolt De Harsanyi: The Star Gazer
Thomas Paine: Common Sense: The Age Of Reason;
Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker; The God Delusion;
Christopher Hitchens: God Is Not Great
Sam Harris: The End Of Faith
Andrew Dickson White: History of the Warfare Between Science and Theology
in Christiandom, Fiat Money Inflation In France
David R. Montgomery: The Rocks Don’t Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah’s Flood
Paul Blanshard: Classics of Free Thought

The fact that intelligent life arose naturally within a universe devoid of a supernatural omnipotent Creator(s) makes the universe awesome and one's own life precious.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.