Comment: So you will admit you're not

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So you will admit you're not

So you will admit you're not at all versed in even the concept of God let alone any of the arguments proffered over the centuries for the existence of God. To say that creation ex nihilo also means God was created out of nothing in a temporal event belies your total inability to think outside a materialistic conception of history or of reality.

The creation ex nihilo refers to the physical universe we observe not to all reality. If God exists, the creation out of nothing would signify that it wasn't created out of prior material, not that there was no other reality prior to the physical world.

On a naturalistic view, the beginning baffles all sensible explanation.

I'm not trying to convince, you, as I am not convinced one way or another. But I have given you the only possible options I know of, and you still haven't offered any others.

1. God
2. Nothing
3. Infinite regress of natural explanations
4. The incoherence of human reason outside of practical bounds
5. I don't know

I accept all of those as valid positions, even if I think some are actually senseless and belong in the incoherence column.
Nothing and infinite regress I think belong probably in the incoherence column, and perhaps even God, I am not sure.