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He seems to be confused

It would seem he observes everything (all) in the universe to describe God (all those things that are in perfect order and have their perfect place in perfect harmony) with one exception. MAN!!!!!!! Man is part of creation and he is by no means perfect and in any kind of order. Man will build submarines to carry bombs that can destroy the world in order to scare another man so he will comply to his commands. This man will know that he cannot use this weapon or he will destroy all his people as well. In moving these submarines around the oceans he uses a sonar that is so powerful it will kill most creatures in the sea. These animals are his food. He is willing to kill his own food supply in order to play out a bluff and if it isn't a bluff then he is a madman. WHAT ORDER IS HE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!! I think if he was alive today he would have a hard time worship the mighty gia. If he was to see man as part of the universe that is. He has a religion he worships the universe and the earth. He worships the science of them both he is a Pantheist. Hes a pagan. He seas his god in (all) well except man unless he thinks man is all good like the rest of creation. In that case we are back to crazy man.