Comment: Find out what the daily 'spot' price is

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Find out what the daily 'spot' price is

at under the 'All Metal Quotes' tab. Right now it's at $1262/ounce. It is possible to buy fractions of an ounce.

Find a local shop that charges the least dollar amount above spot, and purchase with cash. Jewelry stores/pawn shops often have gold and silver for sale, cheaper than exclusive gold/silver dealers. See this dealer by me is charging $1389-$1397 for an ounce. That's too much!

Shop around.

Generally, dealers do not file IRS forms when you buy precious metals, unless your purchase or series of purchases totals $10,000 or more in cash. If you ever need to sell some of it back, make sure you ask the store what their IRS reporting practices are. You don't want the IRS, or anyone knowing you have it.

Don't mess with paper GLD or mining shares. If you can't pull down your pants and rub your junk on it, you don't own it.

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