Comment: Somethings better then

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Somethings better then

Somethings better then nothing, good luck to the American people, not with rnc specifically, just in general pr9tection of your rights, something you shouldnt have protect from your own government no less

But i just like to say one thing, being an american is not a requirement to having rights, although this rnc is good for the americans, i cant help but think that no mention of these protections outside america will be used as justification to violate the rights of "foreigner", .......i dont expletive think so, as i w9uld not think it right of our government doing it unto you, or ANYONE

Dont wana put a downer here, as i say, for you guys, this news is "somethings better then nothing" and despite my fears, not many other nations can say that in this regard, and despite my fears fir NON americans, i would still like you guys to fight for your rights, not to party, but to hopefully kick other nations up the backside and show them how it should be done

Help us ame-ri-can-ke-nobi, your our only hope :)
Be the lighthouse of the earth or be its forshadowing turmoil
The american people, never a government