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Those who choose to defend the innocent and powerless against the criminals who may or may not claim to be the authorities.

Those who choose to target and exploit the innocent and powerless; are those who do so with or without claiming to be the authorities.

That is the battle for Liberty which is a battle to defend or to exploit the innocent and the powerless.

Call it government and see only ONE side of that battle.

Call it anarchy and see only ONE side of that battle.

Call it a battle and two sides become obvious.

If the battle is won by the defenders, then those who may yet choose to target and exploit (with or without false claims of authority) the innocent and powerless can't afford to do so; it is too costly for them to do so. They may still do so; at their own cost.

If the battle is won by the criminals (with or without the false claims of authority), then those who are the innocent and powerless are dwindling in numbers, growing weaker, and the end result is that everyone left is a criminal, and everyone left is at each others throat because there are no more innocent victims left to exploit.

If the battle swings back and forth for centuries, then it may be a good idea to stop calling false government anything other than a very well run crime organization that takes over the power of legal money world wide; whereby those few who run that crime organization have the power to steal everything everyone produces and then use that stolen loot to perpetuate their Confidence Scheme.