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what is hard to understand?

You have free will, you can love God or you can deny Him, nobody is forcing you either way. But there are consequences beyond this physical life of ours. God doesn't force people to love or believe in Him, that would take the whole point of 'faith' and flush it down the toilet. In the end, it is Gods world to do with as He wishes, and luckily for us he left a written plan and 'directions' for man to follow. We have the 'free will' to accept this plan or not. Just because you reject the 'plan' and 'rule book' doesn't mean the rules don't apply. That's like saying I reject the speed limit law so therefore I don't get tickets for speeding.

Once again. Not shoving religion down throats, just explaining it from my point of view. Don't want to be accused of thumping people with Bibles. That seems to be the point of most of these post. Ask a question of faithful people, then claim Bible thumping and forced religion when they answer the question.