Comment: Hell is a product of man, is it not?

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Hell is a product of man, is it not?

You have free will to follow God, if true, do you accept personal responsibility? If you follow God your destiny will be with God. If you choose to reject God, than obviously you can't expect to be with God. Should you?
This isn't authoritarian, this is a matter of choice.
If you choose to reject God, choosing to do evil, and He forces you to be good, then I agree that would be authoritarian, but that isn't how God created men.
If you travel south, you surely can't expect to arrive at the north pole.
If you have an area of land with nothing growing on it, you can't expect to harvest anything if you don't plant seeds; can you?
Belief in God is dead without works.
To exist means to come out of something else.
God does not exist, God Is.
Because of God, the source, i am; to be, is good and i am grateful.
Literature about Hell is poetic.
I doubt God punishes anyone who did everything right except for rejecting Him, they choose their destiny. But what about punishment for those who are tyrants against others, who choose not to change their ways, (repent), are they not to be judged?